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Talbott House Diagrams

Floor Plan

Talbott house floorplan diagram

Side View - Exterior and Interior

Talbott hhouse side view diagram

Pricing Sheet

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The Microbuilt Story

Microbuilt Homes owner, Joe Ritchie, has owned his own construction company for over 38 yrs. During that time, he has learned important aspects of running a successful construction business and meeting the demands of his customers. Consistent customer satisfaction over the years has earned him the right to be considered an expert in his field.

Less means more in today's market

In recent years, there have been dramatic changes in the way people purchase products. Whether it is a large or small purchase, groceries or even vacations, people want a great product at a great price. Microbuilt Homes offers an achievable way to fulfill an essential need while maintaining the quality one would expect for their home.

Priorities have changed. Many people tell us that downsizing is the foremost thing on their minds, and Microbuilt Homes provides a perfect downsizing solution. Not needed is the 2800 sq.ft. living space, when most of the time only 25% is used regularly. Why pay for taxes, insurance, heating / cooling, utilities and maintenance for the other 75% not being used?


A conventional home used to be considered a reliable investment. Many people we have interviewed have told us that the home they had purchased 10 years ago is only worth about 90% of what they originally paid. The investment made in a Microbuilt home is achieved through efficiency in energy use and savings. Living Large in Small Spaces means that all of your needs can be met without the burden of a large mortgage, taxes, utilities and maintenance that comes with a larger, conventional home. All of this translates into efficiency of living.

A Trusted Builder

It is very important to compare builders when constructing any home. It has become more important with the downsizing mentality of today's homeowners, where even small construction mistakes can be disastrous. Microbuilt Homes comes with almost 40 years experience in the building industry. Our projects have been featured in various papers, magazines, and numerous articles in the industry and have won many awards from the National Sunroom Association (nine times, to be exact). We have years of education through our local Home Builders Association and continue to maintain a superb reputation with the local permit and building inspectors. We also hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

For most people, their home is their most valuable possession. Should you place your trust with an established builder or someone who builds for a hobby and uses you as a guinea pig?

Custom Designs

All of the homes we build are custom to suit your needs. Your lifestyle is unique, and so your Microbuilt Home design should be unique. We will work with you extensively with each and every part of the build. We offer complete digital access during the process, from video conferencing during the planning stages to streaming video of the factory as your home is being constructed. You can order just a shell or a complete turnkey home depending on your needs and financial situation. Many options are available.

Simply contact us! We are happy to answer your questions.

Frequently-asked Questions

What is the square footage pricing?

One of the first things people ask about is the cost per square foot. It is important to clarify that square footage of a Microbuilt home is not directly comparable to the square footage of a conventional home. One major reason is that the most expensive part of building any house is the mechanicals and fixtures, which makes the bathroom and kitchen the most expensive areas to build. Being that 90% of a Microbuilt Home consists of the mechanicals & fixtures, the square footage price will be expectedly higher.

How much square footage is the Talbott House?

This particular 28' model is approximately 240 sq ft, plus 64 sq ft loft/attic and another 64 sq ft basement/storage area. That combined would be approximately 368 sq ft.

What about the heat build up due to the glass roof?

The glass is a special made product from Four Seasons Sunrooms that has (8) titanium type metals that restrict approximately 97% of the Harmful UV rays associated with the sun. Less rays, less heat.

How would you ever clean the glass on the roof?

The glass is a double insulated tempered safety glass and can be walked on. A squeegee with soap and water or windex type product is all you need.

What size truck would be needed to haul the Microbuilt home?

It would be recommended to use a 3/4 ton (250 Ford or 2500 GMC) for local travel. Long distance travel would require a 1 ton or better (350 or 3500).

Can you haul the Microbuilt home legally on the highway without special permits?

Yes. It meets all of the criteria that the Department of Transportation requires. The exclusive fold-up eaves keep the width less than 8 1/2' wide along with an easy downspout removal that makes it possible. We always recommend that you contact your local State Department of Transportation before hauling in your state.

How much money would it cost to ship the Microbuilt home?

The common sense answer would be depending where you live. It would be very minimal as we would be personally making the delivery, and it could be negotiated with the sale.

Can I change the interior floor plan / layout?

Absolutely. We designed the Talbott House layout in a way that we think works well for most people, but a custom layout can be tailored to your lifestyle.

How would I heat and cool it?

The most effective way would be a mini-split heat/air system. There are numerous solutions to this question depending on budget and preference. This can all be detailed during the design process.

Can I put the Microbuilt home in my backyard?

This will depend on your local laws. If your area allows enclosed trailers or RVs placed in your area then it's a good possibility that it would be allowed.

How long would it take to have a Microbuilt Home built?

The timeline would depend on what is ordered, of course, but a good ballpark would be within 6-8 weeks from arrival of the trailer to our factory.

Is there a payment plan available?

Not yet. Eventually, we will offer loans through a third party. What we require is a 35% deposit, another 35% when we start the mechanicals (plumbing/electric), 20% when delivery is scheduled and the final 10% upon delivery or pickup. Videos and pictures will be presented during the whole process.

Can I pick my own colors?

Yep, everything is custom made.

Do I have to have a glass roof?

Nope, if you would like to order a solid roof, it would be no problem. Our prototype model is an example of what can be done, but think custom.

Do I have to build the Microbuilt Home 8'6" width x 28' length?

The 8'6" wide would have to stay for travel however we could make it shorter or longer if you wish.

What would I need to do after the Microbuilt Home is delivered?

You will need a plumber to install the waste sewer system and an electrician for the electric hookup. We work very well with independent contractors you hire and will have all of their questions answered.

How long is the warranty?

The warranty is a standard building warranty for a period of (1) one year from date of delivery or pickup.

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